Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wearing of certain symbols

With this time of year I wear certain pieces of my jewelry. In the past few days I have debated on whether or not to wear my spiritual pieces. I have bought many over the past 7 years and my favorite still is my pentacle necklace. Its a small piece in silver with a pentacle insignia inside of it. Fairly small but still noticeable to all especially when I wear black. I debated not wearing it only for the fact that last year I received comments about this piece. I get all sorts of questions like, "isn't that the devils sign", "are you a witch?", and my favorite comment of all..." you are going to hell wearing that sort of thing".
I have thought about all of this and it came to light when I read the story about the hate crime definitions piece that my daughter posted on face book.
When is it going to be comfortable, easy, or at least OK to be yourself in this country? When I wear my jewelry it is no more unusual than wearing a crucifix, star of David, or a talisman. I have stones that are always hand picked by myself as well with significant meanings and never did I ever get questioned about these when they were attached to my body. They have no insignias or signs on them but still have purpose known only to me and certain others.
Not all know that the significance of wearing a pentacle is to give homage to the 5 elements held dear by Pagans, Witches, and Earth bound religions. Fire, Air, Earth, Water and of course Spirit are the 5 points all good and needed elements for anyone dominating this planet. It doesnt mean I am sacrificing small animals, burning fires, or even preforming rituals. Rituals is another blog that I wont get into now as I have done them but only for good.
One of my favorite stones/pendants is my Crystal wand which called to me in a small shop that used to be open in Sauk Rapids years ago by a wonderful woman who truly believed in more than selling items. I could walk in there and ask her for help with whatever I needed help with at the time and she knew exactly what to use, where to put it, and when to remove it. I can honestly say I never received that kind of spiritual healing or help with everyday matters from my parish priest when I was a Catholic.
This woman changed my life. I was remembered when I walked in the store by name, asked how things were going, and she always always had a friendly smile for me which was worth its weight in crystals alone.
I could not of run my business without her at times or could of dealt with people who I mistrusted or wanted to cast spells on daily.
Yes I think its time again to get out my spiritual jewelry without guilt, face up to ignorance in some and feel comfortable in my being me. If you own or collect rocks, walk in the woods to collect small things from nature, or feel at times that the world outside is so pretty you want to cry, then you have one of the main elements in yourself. Spirit can be the strongest of elements and letting yourself and others know it should not be a shame. Come out come out wherever you are and let yourself soar, I know I will today by wearing my pentacle.
Blessed Be.

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