Saturday, October 10, 2009

Autumn Signs

This is that time of year when you just want to dance! Summer is gone but there is the thought of spring and all its wonders. I think we all have to settle down for a while in life and Autumn with Winter is the perfect realtionship between mother nature and ourselves. Everything must sleep and rest and this is the time.
This is also a good time of year to take advantage of cleaning out closets, washing up windows and canning. Yes I like canning. This year we made an abundance of items. Salsa, peppers, homegrown celery, squash, snow peas and of course green beans where put away.
I almost felt like I was a squirrel this year storing away! I even contimplating picking the little crab apples off the tree the other night and making jelly out of them because I had a few empty jars~
Im sick.
I also have the happiness of thought of waiting for April when my son and his fiancee get married. Things are moving along quite quickly and I have to commend Juliet for her fast pace on being able to accomplish something so hard as a wedding in such a short time. My daughter Emily is getting married in the fall as well but they have not picked a date, she may need some help.
With the thought of marriage of my children comes the hope that someday I may be a grandparent. I will be the typical grandmother I am afraid. As canning, cooking and cleaning seem to be my lot in life.
As of Sept 25th I am officially a Crone. I have passed the point of being concerned with how I look, what I say about people, and if I do get anything done or not. Let winter come, let the feast of Halloween pass and with the hope of Spring come love.

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