Monday, November 30, 2009

Im Pumped!

For the first time in a long time, actually more than a month Im starting to feel better. I started weight watchers with the idea that I would learn portion control more over losing weight and if the weight comes off then that was a bonus.
It has been a struggle, and with the holiday season coming up, parties, cookies and cocktails this WILL be a real trying time for me.
My plan is simple, if I want it I will have it, but only one.
And if I get totally off track then I will suck it in and start anew the next day.
I do have to admit that it will be nice to shop for a new dress this spring! Hopefully with stamina, determination, and a little help from myself this will happen!

Friday, November 20, 2009

On getting older

This is the second time Ive put this posting in because I was stupid and forgot to save it last time. This is all part of getting older.
Im sick of it, I do not want no part of it!
I forget things, I fall over things, I dont care if I get laid, I drag my ass out of bed and I have parts of my body which have given up on me.
Anyone who has known me over the years will agree that I can be a little much to deal with. I am loud, have alot of opinions about things and simply try like hell to get what I want daily.
Im proud of this, it took 50 years to master this one.
When I was in my teens, I simply did not care about what I wanted all I did was please others. I worried daily about how I looked, who my date was going to be for Saturday night and if my boobs looked good.
When I was in my 20's all I worried about was my kids and parents. This was the peak of my years, I looked good, I had a nice hourglass figure, I got hit on by men all the time and it was wonderful.
When I got into my 30's it was boring as hell. I didnt get carded anymore at the liquor store and I knew then I was going to be in trouble. I spent most of my time trying to change my husband into what I wanted him to be and realized by the end of my 30's that simply just wasnt going to happen. I also came into my opinionated years. I yelled at people, I told friends what I thought of their clothes, cars and kids and lost quite a few of them simply because I became a bitch.
When I hit 40 I started to gain strength from my friends. I found ones who didnt care that I had a voice, asked my opinion on what I thought and my husband found out if he didnt behave well I meant it when I said "im outta here".
I started to have a real feeling for him that went beyond love as well. He became my best friend, my soulmate and I just plain realized that he was so special I couldn't function without him.
Then late 40's came the kids moved out, I learned that cocktail hour was fun, and it seemed like all was going to be ok. I also thought, getting older wont be so bad!
Then 50 came, so what I thought I got the world by the balls. Hell no, I have things hanging down, pieces of my body falling off, and I cannot seem to remember names so good anymore.
I spend alot more time than I want complaining to my friends and family about health, and wishing I could spend more time in the spa.
There are a few good things that did happen when I turned 50:
I have a great car.
I have some money now.
I dont care what people think AT ALL.
And I can go and do what I want when I want.
So bring on the 60's maybe I will have an affair, go get a tatoo, or maybe even buy a Harley, Im due.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I hope this was it!

With all the expectations of the H1N1 and the fears of getting it I am proud to say I'm over it.

Started out as a cold, went into the flu, and took away time in the fall that I love to spend doing something else besides being sick.

I am not a 100% yet but I feel there is a glimmer of hope that I will make it through. Being 50 years of age I tend to worry more about getting sick. My body is not what it used to be. It takes me longer to get somewhere, get motivated in mornings, and get up from sofa. I have never been an athletic person, but always felt I was an active person. I am also an early riser and do not sleep well at night, never did.

I do not know for sure where we got this crud but we are pretty sure that Jim brought it home from work. Technically he was not sick first but was pretty pissed off when he found out others were going to his workplace with flu. What drives people to work when they are sick? Do they not have any respect for others? In this day and age of scary pandemics, flu that will kill, and bacteria that live for 4 days on a dollar bill, don't they get it? Are they retarded? Do they feel that just because they have it nobody else will get it? Answer me this, I'm curious to find out what kind of upbringing they had to make them so bad as not to care about others.

With this all said I am happy in a way that we got it. It means it is a load off and we survived it. If this was NOT the H1N1 that we had recently and still sort of have, then I am very fearful of what it may be coming yet as it could get worse that this?

Going to doctor and having him tell you by deduction that just because you had seasonal flu shot and have the flu now is good enough for me that it was H1N1. And guess what, we BOTH stayed home from work! Surprise, surprise...

We worried that maybe we might infect others, we worried about our children and made them stay away, we worried that maybe our neighbors and friends might get it.

This is a funny virus. It starts out as a cold, making you think that in a couple of days you will get better. Then it creeps in with the respiratory cough, so bad that times you think that you may cough out a lung or worse die from drowning in phlegm.

I am still blowing snot, and occasionally coughing up stuff but I feel that my life is going to finally get back to normal after 9 days and things are looking up.

I live in fear for the past 5 years of Oct and November. I love fall, Halloween, and this time of year but always seem to come up with one ailment or another. If not the flu, then a cold, if not a cold then a sprained ankle or better yet cellulitis.

My daughter Emily is getting married next Oct I wonder what that will bring. If I have an uneventful fall next year besides the wedding then I think after the wedding I will book that carribean cruise that I always wanted to go on because rest assured I made it thru another October/November without incident and that calls for celebration.