Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A lot to think about

Last night I got the news my son is getting married. I am very happy for him and his fiance Juliet. This is on top of the fact that my daughter Emily is also newly engaged to a man whom she met a year ago and seems to love very much. I knew that this would happen. I have 3 children born about 3 years apart.
My friends kept warning me that they would do this, and my wish to have grandchildren someday would happen probably faster than I would expect as well.
This brings in to fact that my worries are now going to be a little more, my prayer for them will be everyday and more now that they are entering into a lifetime of commitment with someone.
I officially turned into a crone last week and I feel now that speaking my mind, saying things that sometimes are not quite appropriate will be the norm.
My husband of over 30 years is worried for them as well. The economy, the world the way it is, and the challenges of everyday people makes this a time for us to reflect on when they were children and when our lives were much simpler as well.
Nick had a lot of challenges as a child. He didnt talk until he was almost 4, he had problems making friends and when he was 22 we forced him to make the move from our home. It took him a few years later to start dating and when he did he made some choices that his father and I could of lived without. I have to admit I was way more worried when he was doing this because most of the time his choices were what I was say a little less than desirable.
Then he met a girl from North Dakota. We thought this would be different and it was. Juliet is smart, fun, and compliments Nick as never before. We have watched Nick grow from a shy imature person to a real man who can make adult decisions and stick to them, and become a funny, interesting to all he knows individual.
Yes, I think this is a good thing and we are blessed to have Juliet join our family.