Friday, November 20, 2009

On getting older

This is the second time Ive put this posting in because I was stupid and forgot to save it last time. This is all part of getting older.
Im sick of it, I do not want no part of it!
I forget things, I fall over things, I dont care if I get laid, I drag my ass out of bed and I have parts of my body which have given up on me.
Anyone who has known me over the years will agree that I can be a little much to deal with. I am loud, have alot of opinions about things and simply try like hell to get what I want daily.
Im proud of this, it took 50 years to master this one.
When I was in my teens, I simply did not care about what I wanted all I did was please others. I worried daily about how I looked, who my date was going to be for Saturday night and if my boobs looked good.
When I was in my 20's all I worried about was my kids and parents. This was the peak of my years, I looked good, I had a nice hourglass figure, I got hit on by men all the time and it was wonderful.
When I got into my 30's it was boring as hell. I didnt get carded anymore at the liquor store and I knew then I was going to be in trouble. I spent most of my time trying to change my husband into what I wanted him to be and realized by the end of my 30's that simply just wasnt going to happen. I also came into my opinionated years. I yelled at people, I told friends what I thought of their clothes, cars and kids and lost quite a few of them simply because I became a bitch.
When I hit 40 I started to gain strength from my friends. I found ones who didnt care that I had a voice, asked my opinion on what I thought and my husband found out if he didnt behave well I meant it when I said "im outta here".
I started to have a real feeling for him that went beyond love as well. He became my best friend, my soulmate and I just plain realized that he was so special I couldn't function without him.
Then late 40's came the kids moved out, I learned that cocktail hour was fun, and it seemed like all was going to be ok. I also thought, getting older wont be so bad!
Then 50 came, so what I thought I got the world by the balls. Hell no, I have things hanging down, pieces of my body falling off, and I cannot seem to remember names so good anymore.
I spend alot more time than I want complaining to my friends and family about health, and wishing I could spend more time in the spa.
There are a few good things that did happen when I turned 50:
I have a great car.
I have some money now.
I dont care what people think AT ALL.
And I can go and do what I want when I want.
So bring on the 60's maybe I will have an affair, go get a tatoo, or maybe even buy a Harley, Im due.

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