Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Samhain Serving Blessing
Taken from Halloween by Raven Silverwolf
When preparing your meal for Halloween keep in mind you are honoring the dead and the loved ones who will be missed. If you should have in mind to honor them at your dinner set a place for them and treat it like you have them with you in body not only in spirit.
One of my favorite blessings this time of year comes from a book I own and use quite frequently in October by Silver Ravenwolf entitled Halloween. Raven has written many books and I do own quite a few of them and find them very uplifting and spiritual.
The blessing goes as follows:
The golden rays of sun kissed the grain,
Sweet drops of rain caressed the fruit
Streams of moonlight danced in the fields
Sending energy in the root.
Blessing of the Mother
Strength of the Father
Unity of Love
So mote it be.
Make the equal sign of the cross over the dish and serve the dish with a smile!

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