Sunday, January 31, 2010

Disapointing Ending

With the promise of Brett Favre to the Vikings I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but as the season wore on I began to get excited for our chance to once make it to the end. The end as in going to the super bowl. I admit I have been a closeted Vikings fan for years starting when Bud Grant and the grand ol gang of Fran Tarkenton, Carl Eller and Benchwarmer Bob ruled.
When we were kids we used to use terms such as, "Running over the faces with their cleats", and the famous yell, "Kick his ass". I still use these terms along with others, some not so good but my reaction to the NFC Championship game was disbelief.
The word is that the NFL has fined players for the New Orleans Saints and officials for the game now but the fines in my opinion are a joke.
I am sure in my mind that the coach of the saints put forth a, should I say, a contract out of Brett Favre among other players of Vikings with huge dollar amounts on their demise if they should succeed.
I think the Vikings should be commended on their fair play of the game but at the same time coach Childress should have HIS ass kicked for not defending his players during the game. A simple sideline chat with the officials would of satisfied me.
I hope we keep our players in force for the 2010 season including Brett Favre, I hope he can withstand one more year of the relentless pounding on the field and let's hope to God that mullets are replaced.

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  1. Wait. So your theory is that the Vikings were paid to lose?